Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty Title Office Spring 19 Office Hours Email
John Caroll
John Carroll
Associate Professor H-410 Coming Soon jcarroll@fullerton.edu
Dydia DeLyser
Dydia DeLyser
 Associate Professor H-431 Coming Soon dydia@fullerton.edu
Mark Drayse
Mark Drayse
Department Chair and Undergraduate Advisor H-423 Coming Soon mdrayse@fullerton.edu
Matheus Trevis Matheus Assistant Professor H-429C Coming Soon tmatheus@fullerton.edu
Zia Salim
Zia Salim
 Assistant Professor H-411 Coming Soon zsalim@fullerton.edu
Jonathan TaylorJonathan Taylor  Graduate Advisor H-429D Coming Soon jstaylor@fullerton.edu
Robert Voeks
Robert Voeks
 Professor H-407 Coming Soon rvoeks@fullerton.edu
Jindong WuJindong Wu Associate Professor H-425 Coming Soon jindongwu@fullerton.edu
Professor Lei Xu
Lei Xu
Associate Professor H-429B Coming Soon lxu@fullerton.edu
Adjunct Faculty Office Spring 19 Office Hours Email
VanessaEngstromVanessa Engstrom H-429E Coming Soon vengstrom@fullerton.edu
Brian McCabe
H-429E Coming Soon  brmccabe@fullerton.edu 
Leaa Short
H-429E Coming Soon leshort@fullerton.edu
PeggySmithPeggy Smith H-429E Coming Soon psmith@fullerton.edu
Scott Williams
H-429E Coming Soon scwilliams@fullerton.edu  
Emeriti Faculty Office Phone Email
Wayne EngstromWayne Engstrom     wengstrom@fullerton.edu
Ray Young
Ray Young
H-420B 657-278-2628 ryoung@fullerton.edu
Graduate Student Research Interests Advisor

 Gemayel Goxcon

Gemayel Goxcon

Space and Place, Citizenship, Political Geography, Queer Studies, Qualitative Methods

Dr. Dydia DeLyser


Olivia Hinton

Hydro-climatology, geomorphology, community college education

 Dr. Trevis Matheus


Guadalupe Maldonado

GIS, Biogeography, Ethnography, invasive species

 Dr. Robert Voeks 


Roland Pacheco

Urban studies, Green spaces, Sustainability

 Dr. John Carroll


Emeri Pechtimaldjian

University sustainability, sustainable food systems 

 Dr. Zia Salim


Raymond Villalba

Dendrochronology, climate, water resources

Dr. Trevis Matheus

 Amanda Yepiz

Amanda Yepiz

Geomorphology, physical geography, historical geography

Dr. Dydia DeLyser