In the Field

Finding your place in geography often involves getting into the field! Our faculty place great importance on field- and place-based teaching and research.  

Study Abroad
Geography faculty have organized and led study abroad programs to several exciting destinations. These trips are typically three-weeks long. Dr. Voeks has organized & led several study-abroad programs to Brazil and Costa Rica, and Dr. Carroll, Dr. Miller, and Dr. Drayse have led study-abroad programs to South Africa.  

Field Classes
Field classes are an important aspect of geography. The Mountain Field Class (GEOG 483), offered most summers, takes students on two-week hiking and camping trips to the Sierra Nevada or Cascade mountains. Students make presentations about different natural phenomena in mountain environments, and conduct field research to address a research question. The Field Mapping class (GEOG 499), partly held in the Mojave National Preserve, gives students a unique chance to learn and practice field data collection.  

Field Trips
One of the highlights of our upper- and lower-division courses is the opportunity to participate in a number of short field trips.