Professor Lei Xu

Office: H-429B
Phone: (657) 278-7528

Lei Xu



Ph.D. McMaster University, Canada (Geography, 2007)
M.A. McMaster University, Canada (Geography, 2001)
B.Sc. Peking University, China (Urban and Environmental Sciences, 1999)

Research Interests:

Canada: destination choices and internal migration of immigrants

United States: residential choices and assimilation process of immigrants; fertility preferences of ethnic minorities

China: mobility of migrant workers

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

GEOG 160: Human Geography
GEOG 332: US and Canada
GEOG 340: Asia
GEOG 345: China
GEOG 362: Population Geography
GEOG 499: Independent Study

Graduate Courses

GEOG 578: Spatial Population Analysis
GEOG 598: Thesis
GEOG 599: Independent Graduate Research

Publications and Presentations:

Wu, G., & Xu, L. (2018). An empirical experimental investigation of the effectiveness of the country image video “China Steps into a New Era” on U.S. college students. International Communications, 2018 (12), 51-53. 

Tian, M. & Xu, L. (2015). Investigating the job mobility of migrant workers in China. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 24(3) 353-375.

Wu, G., Lin, S., & Xu, L. (2013). U.S. college students’ responses to People Version of China's National Image Campaign: Pinning hopes on the younger generation. Journalism and Communication, 20 (6), 57-64.

Liaw, K. L, & Xu, L. (2013). Changes in wage distributions of wage earners in Canada: 2000-2005. QSEP (Research Institute for Quantitative Studies in Economics and Population) Research Report No. 451.

Xu, L. (2011). Inter-metropolitan migration of the newly landed immigrants in Canada: 1991-1996 and 1996-2001. GeoJournal, 76 (5), 501-524.

Xu, L. & Liaw, K. L. (2010). Generational perspective on the 1996-2001 inter-metropolitan migration in Canada, Canadian Journal of Regional Sciences, 33 (1), 33-56.

Xu, L. & Liaw, K. L. (2006). Initial destination choices of skilled-worker immigrants from South Asia to Canada: assessment of the relative importance of explanatory factors. Canadian Journal of Regional Science, Summer 2006, 299-320.

Liaw, K. L. & Xu, L. (2005). Problematic post-landing interprovincial migration of the immigrants in Canada: from 1980-1983 through 1992-1995. Journal of Population Studies 31, 105-152.

Xu, L. and Liaw, K. L. (2003). Explanation of initial destination choices of skilled immigrants from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan to Canada: 1983 – 1999. Journal of Population Studies 26, 26-70.


Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Geography, CSUF
Assessment Coordinator, Department of Geography, CSUF
Chair of Public Relations and Membership, Asian American Pacific Islander Faculty Staff Association (AAPIFSA),CSUF

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