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Why Geography?
The study of geography provides a key to global understanding and environmental awareness. In a world of shrinking distances and expanded contacts, it offers a deep appreciation for the diversity of the world's peoples and environments. It also leads to exciting careers in a variety of fields dealing with the kinds of issues where an understanding of "place" and "location" really matter.

Geography is the field for you if you enjoy working with maps and like to take a broad approach to understanding the world around you. In physical geography, you will study the climates, landforms, and vegetation of the world, while in human geography you will look at culture, economic activity, cities politics, and societies. In environmental geography, you will focus on the interactions between people and the earth, while in regional geography you will consider the big picture by integrating information about the physical and human environments of areas like Latin America, Asia, Africa, and North America. Many of our undergraduate majors are attracted to the study of advanced geospatial technologies like Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

CSUF's geography course offerings are among the most extensive of any university or college in Orange County. In fact, among Orange County's colleges and universities, only CSUF offers a comprehensive BA degree in Geography. The program offers an up-to-date curriculum, professional and dedicated faculty members and a strong commitment to student-focused education. Classes are generally small-to-moderate in size, providing ample opportunity for student and faculty interaction. Partly as a result of this unique situation, we are able to maintain close ties to government agencies, businesses, and schools in Orange County through our network of well-placed alumni.

Another advantage of studying geography at CSUF is our flexible scheduling and wide range of courses. We recognize that many of our students are working full- or part-time, and we try to offer a full complement of courses at convenient times. We also accept up to 18 units of work in geography taken at community colleges and have a flexible policy regarding geography taken at other institutions.

The Department of Geography & the Environment's student body prides itself in creating a community in an institution that is recognized as a commuter school. Students in the Department of Geography & the Environment come from all walks of life and an array of cultural backgrounds. Diversity within our student body allows for different ideas, beliefs and concerns to be voiced, simultaneously allowing others to become tolerant and mindful of neighbors on this planet.

Meet some of our alumni
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