GIS Certificate


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are increasingly important across a wide range of organizations. The certificate will demonstrate to potential employers a student’s competency in GIS principles and techniques. The 12-unit Certificate in GIS is designed for students interested in learning geospatial technologies and applying techniques of GIS to represent and analyze spatial data. Students completing the certificate will understand a variety of geospatial technologies, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Web mapping, location-based services, and mobile apps. Students will be able to use up-to-date GIS tools to perform spatial analysis and mapping, and provide solutions to geographic problems. This certificate is open to all majors.



GEOG 180 – Digital Earth: Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

GEOG 281 – Map Making with Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 481 – GIS: Introduction

GEOG 485 – GIS: Principles and Applications


For more information, please contact the GIS Certificate Coordinator, Dr. John Carroll (