Undergraduate Program

Geography students connect the study of human spatial organizations and cultural landscapes with an in-depth investigation of the earth's landforms, climates, and vegetation. The undergraduate program provides a broad study of human and physical geography and geospatial techniques. Two paths lead to a bachelor's degree. One path is the BA degree in Geography and is designed for students who have broad interests in the field of geography or for students who would like to tailor their program to suit their own interests. The second path is the BA degree in Geography with an emphasis in Environmental Analysis. This degree path is designed for those students choosing to emphasize environmental aspects of geography and who may be seeking employment in that particular branch of the field. The department also offers a very flexible minor for students seeking a geographic perspective to complement their major. The BA degree in geography can be effectively combined with subject matter studies necessary for either the multiple subject teaching credential or the single subject credential in social studies. Geography undergraduate students find rewarding careers in environmental analysis and planning, business, government agencies, and education.