List of Theses and Projects

Year Title Author
2024 Transit-Oriented Gentrification? Perspectives From Stakeholders in Los Angeles' Koreatown Ryan Tuong An Koyanagi
2023 Assessing organizational challenges within municipal GIS implementations:  A case study of urban drainage system asset management in Orange County, California Andrew Wallace
2022 Analyzing the relationship between climate, mule deer population, and tree rings in California from 1948-2009 Aliza White
2020 The impact of future sea-leve rise on social vulnerability in the San Pedro, Wilmington, and Long Beach region Wei Situ
2020 Examining the Climate Response of Pinus lambertiana, Pinus monticola, and Pinus jeffreyi in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks Raymond Villalba
2020 Access Versus Preservation: The Case of Joshua Tree National Park Christopher R. Druck
2020 The Culinary and Medicinal Use of Spice and Herbs in the Indian Immigrant Community of Southern California Elois Patricia Joseph
2020 The Dendroclimate Response of Trees in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA Olivia Joy Hinton
2019 Bonnie Raitt: An Intimate Music Geography Shelly Hayes
2019 The Paradox of Culturally Useful Invasive Species: Chuspatel (Typha domingensis) crafts of Lake Patzcuaro, Mexico Guadalupe Maldonado Andrade
2019 Water Conservation in the Face of Drought: A Study of Metropolitan Los Angeles, California Lynne Mendillo
2018 Measured Justice: An Analysis of Environmental Screening Tools in California Matthew Shubin
2018 The Rise of the Nonreligious Population: The Virtual Geographies, Created Communities, and Socio-Political Impacts of the Religious "Nones" in the United States Elizabeth Higgins
2018 Resisting Mass Tourism: Local Strategies and Challenges to Maintain Sustainable Development in Nosara, Costa Rica Julius Leyh
2017 An Examination of the Representation of Geography Literacy within the California History-Social Science Common Core State Standards and Its Implications for Global Citizenship Cheryl King
2017 Exploratory Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Drug Arrests: A Case Study of San Francisco, California Pedro Chacon
2017 The Formation of Temporary Communities in Anime Fandom: A Story of Bottom-Up Globalization Cynthia Davis
2017 Immersive Visualization of Geographic Landscapes in Virtual Reality with Emphasis on Archaeological Sites with Spiritual Significance to the Tongva People Sanford George
2017 Objective and Subjective Analysis of Walkability: Ladera Ranch, California, A Case Study Vaishali Kulkarni
2017 The Curious Case of Park Space: An Analysis of Public Parks in Santa Ana, California Juan Carlos Garcia Sanchez
2016 Democratizing the Grid: Estimating Solar Potential for the City of Irvine Eric Foltz
2016 From Forest to Fumaroles: A New Era in Bioprospecting Curtis Blondell
2015 The Effects of the Housing Bubble Crash of 2008 on Baby Boomers' Retirement: Case Study - Mission Viejo, California Steven Lusk
2014 Designing and Delivering Digital Geography for California State University, Fullerton Aaron, Adam
2014 A Spatial Analysis of Sea Star Populations in Marine Protected Areas versus Unprotected Areas: Los Angeles County to Orange County, California Melissa Miller
2014 The Geography of the Blues Ambacher, Jason
2014 Spatial Little Saigon: Mapping an Ethnic Community Hamatake, Ben
2014 Using Satellite Imagery to Examine and Predict Habitat Niche Differences Between Two Sympatric Species of Rattlesnake in Southern California Erbas-White, Kevin
2014 Sovereignty and National Identity in Somaliland: Assessing Social, Economic, and Political Livelihood in a Contemporary De Facto State Tsai, Dustin
2013 Symbolic Intersection on 4th and Figueroa Street: A Spatial Discourse Analysis of Occupy Los Angeles' "Day of Action" Protest Avalos, Rebecca
2013 The Green Giant in the Golden State : An Examination of the Organic Food Industry in California Barker, Brian
2013 A New Major Global City? Framing Urban Renewal and Gentrification in Metro Manila, Philippines Pada, Orvic Ralph Sienes
2013 Potential Impact of the Proposed Land Development on the Scrub Habitat in West Coyote Hills, California Roach, Veronica
2013 Gentrification, Place, and Perception in "Downtown Orange County" Seeley, Tiffany
2013 Designing Field Data Collection Methods for Developing a University Enterprise GIS Database : An Assessment of the California State University, Fullerton Tree Inventory Shensky, Michael
2013 Fluid Spaces, Moving Resources : Transitions in Production, Livelihood, and Enclosure of the Lousiana Crawfish Industry Short, Leaa
2013 Sustainability Assessment and Tracking at a Large Commuter University : A Case Study of CSU Fullerton Wagner, Tamara
2012 Pacific Island Atoll Vulnerability to Sea-level Rise, and the Adaptation Strategies to Regional Climate Change Ereth, Adam
2012 Russian Hegemony in the Arctic Space?: Contesting the Popular Geopolitical Discourses Misje, Ashley
2012 Affordable Housing Tools and Strategies in Four Orange County Cities Preboski, Jessica
2012 Local Food Production, Farmers' Markets, and Homegardens in Irvine, California Stavropoulos, Alexis
2011 Water Commodification: A Study of the Bottled Water Industry Haley, Michelle
2011 An Examination of 90th Percentile Wave Heights Along the West Coast of the United States in Connection with Atmospheric Oscillations in the Pacific Basin Larson, Gary
2011 A Geographic Analysis of Virtual Worlds : Place, Identity, and Society, Using Second Life as a Model Lindsay, Jayson
2011 Poverty and Development in Delhi, India's Southern Periphery: A Conflict over Space McCabe, Brian
2011 The Spatial Patterns and Causes of U.S. Unemployment Rates : A County Level Analysis Ribant, Michael
2010 Constructing the Middle Class Los Angeles's Bungalow Landscape, 1905-1930 Davis, Coleen
2010 The Grey Areas of Green : Insights into Life and Conservation in Vila Picinguaba, Serra Do Mar State Park, Brazil Gregorio, Aline
2010 Wine Geography: The American Viticultural Areas and their Applicability Razban, Erin A.
2010 Predicting the Potential Geographic Distribution of Three Highly Migratory Pelagic Fishes Using Ecological Niche Modeling Rittelmeyer, Pam
2010 Management of Puma Concolor in Southern California Using Genetic Algorithm for Rule-Set Prediction Wallace, Brennan
2010 Tourism Resorts and Sustainability : A Comparative Study of the Public Policy Techniques of Whistler, British Columbia and Queenstown, New Zealand Wilson, Claire
2009 Master Planned Communities and the Implementation of New Urbanism Principles Arciniega, Charlotte
2009 Timber! The interplay between Migration and Economics in Northwest Washington State  Freeman, Cortneye
2009 Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Anthrax: An Exploratory Retrospective and Prospective Examination of Outbreaks in Kazakhstan Kracalik, Ian
2009 Development of Suburbanization in Southern California's Inland Empire. Suchsland, Victoria
2009 Abrupt Climate Change at the End of the Last Great Ice Age and its Subsequent Impact on Civilizations. Touchette, Jason
2009 The Emergence of Vietnam as a Leading Coffee Producer. Vaughn, Nicholas
2008 Light Pollution: The Problem and its Significance. Ashraf, Cameran H.
2008 Globalization and the effects of colonialism and modern tourism on the West Indies. Happle, Robert W.
2008 The Changing Foodways of Vietnamese Americans in Orange County, California. Vu, Vienne
2007 Valuation of Nature Viewing Sites: A Case Study of the Northern Elephant Seal. Campbell, Christa Lee
2007 The History and Effect of Cultural and Environmental Changes on Scandinavia's Indigenous Sami Population. Close, Clark H.
2007 Using Geographic Information Systems to Help Reduce Amounts of Pesticides Deployed on the Californian Environment. Gallegos, Ramon
2007 The Olympics and Urban Development: A Study of Seoul , Barcelona and Atlanta . Kemble, Steven
2007 Environmental Justice of the City of Industry and Toxics Release Inventory Sites. Rubalcava, Rene
2007 Impacts of Downtown Revitalization on the Homeless: A Study of Skid Row, Los Angeles Salim, Zia
2006 An Examination of Outdoor Water Conservation Efforts in Orange County, California Gilchrist, Marcella
2006 The Ebb and Flow of Quebec Nationalism: A Study in Electoral Geography. Henderson, Michael
2005 The Lower Mississippi River in Children's Literature. Eyler, Melinda
2005 Orienteering in North America: A Geographic Perspective. Wynia-Machacek, Bridget
2004 Yellowstone National Park 1988 to 2003: A Re-evaluation of the Multiple Impacts of the 1988 Firestorms, A Human and Physical Geography - The Case for Managed Forests. Lowry, Steven D.
2003 Analysis and Prediction of Spatial Data Using GIS Statistical Analysis software "Geostatistical Analyst": a case study of MTBE contamination in groundwater at the city of Temecula , Riverside County , California . He, Jie Yamacuo
2003 Under the Overpass: Wildlife Corridor Policies of Western Riverside County . Lo Russo, Andrew G.
2003 Interpreting Cuba: Feature Travel Stories in American Newspapers. Mazarredo Freeman, Martha L.
2003 Development of the Rancho Mission Viejo and the Issue of Sustainability. Passarelli, Jim
2003 Perceptions Of Community In A Los Angeles Suburb. Nicoll, Conrad S.
2002 New Urbanism in California. LoVetere, Crystal D.
2002 The Social Impacts of Indian Gaming in California. Ninokawa, Cindy
2002 A Direct Gradient Analysis of Montane Vegetation in the Toiyabe Range, Nevada. Richling, Jason M.
2002 Infill Housing in North Orange County: A Case Study. Titus, Jodi L.
2001 Latino Political Diversity: Variations in California Electoral Behavior. Robillard, John M.
2001 Assessment Of A Web-Based Gis Mapping Application For California Gonzalez, Lorri J
2001 Technology In Education: Teaching Biogeography With Custom Gis Applications. Hurst, Lawrence G.
2001 Human Rights Discussions In College-Level Geography Textbooks. Murphy, Betsy
2001 Downtown Waterfront Evolution And Revitalization: Long Beach, California Randall, Jill J.
2001 Chicano Park: Myths, Meanings And Memories Smith, Peggy J
2000 Using The Internet As An Educational Tool In Geography Courses. Carter, Norm D.
2000 Subsidence In Long Beach, California: The Decision Making Process In Determining Mitigation Policy And Disbursement Of Oil Revenues Higa, Teresa L.
2000 High Tech Firms In The Planned Community: Irvine, California Manriquez, Cristopher
2000 From Movie Palace To Cinema Megaplex: The Changing Morphology Of The Movie Theater. Polk, Marye A.
2000 La Boca Del Riachuelo: Creating Sense Of Place Roozee, Corrie E.
2000 Assessing A Computer Aided Instructional Strategy In Geographic Education. Rutherford, David J.
2000 Searching For Geographic Patterns: The California State Lottery. Webster, Richard A.
2000 Agriculture In Huntington Beach, California: 1878-1960 Williams, Scott P. C.
1999 Mirroring The Majors: Minor League Baseball In Southern California Carr, Charlene S.
1999 The History, Geography, And Economics Of North American Ginseng. Knox, Jerry B.
1999 Population Distribution And Dynamics In Metropolitan Los Angeles Repp, Craig A.
1998 Route 66 Redux: National Recognition For America's Mother Road Brady, Alfred W.
1998 Spatial Distribution Of Palms In A Bruneian Rain Forest. Freeman, Mary P.
1998 Experience Of Place At The Zen Center Of Los Angeles (California). Joyce, Patrick W.
1998 The Social Construction Of Yellowstone Bison Biogeography: The Impact Of Static Structures On The Landscape (Wyoming). Lulka, David M.
1998 Children's Literature And Geographic Literacy. Marshall, Jeanne L.
1998 The New Urbanism: Repairing Twentieth-Century Suburban Sprawl With Nineteenth-Century Townmaking Principles. Motzkus, Melani L.
1998 The Geography Of Punk Music. Rice, William T, Ii
1998 Assisted Living: A Housing For Southern California Seniors. Zandbergen, Dianna
1997 California Bungalow: Landscape Of Changing Values. Cobos, Karen M.
1997 Geographic Education In Southern California Middle Schools. Galantowicz, Anne.
1997 Hoover Dam: Landscape Significance (Arizona, Nevada, California). Hastings, Nola L.
1996 Economic Development And Environmental Awareness In The Danube Delta, Romania. A Case Study. Copil, Carmen M.
1996 The Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple: A New Locus For The Lotus From Secular Space To Sacred Place (California). Grabiel, Susan A.
1996 The Making Of An American Landscape: Monterey Park, California (Chinese American). Shirreffs, Michael B.
1995 Wilderness Use: Recreation Vs. Preservation. The Case Of Rock Climbing In Wilderness Areas Within Joshua Tree National Monument (California). Broxson, Thomas A.
1994 The Suburban Mini-Mall: Image Versus Reality. Capell, Alice M.
1994 Aging And The Politics Of Place. Donaldson, Daniel P.
1994 Sense Of Place For Ojai, California. Jones, Kristin D.
1994 A Data Structure For The Geography Of Community Exposure To Air Pollution. Sidawi, Steven Z.
1994 The Spatial Measurement Of Asian Segregation In Metropolitan Los Angeles. Tade, Jeffrey C.
1993 Restructuring And The High Rise Office Core Of Orange County (California). Clarke, Steven C.
1993 Using Exploratory Data Analysis Techniques To Identify Attribute Error In Gis Data Coverages. Scott, Lauren M.
1993 The Geography Of Engelmann Oak And Its Status In The Southern Oak Woodland. Sterling, James E.
1993 The Light On The Landscape: An Experiential Evaluation. Turley, Beverly B.
1992 Geography In California's Community Colleges. Goloja, Angela N.
1991 California Redevelopment Law And Its Effects On Housing: A Case Study Of Four Cities In Orange County. Campbell, Tamara J.
1991 The Influence Of Flood Hazard On Residential Property Values In Southern California. Carroll, John C.
1991 Orange County Greenhouse Refugees (California). Doak, Leslie A.
1991 Neighborhood Satisfaction And Crime Within Orange County Mobile Home Parks (California). Hockman, Joel D.
1991 Landscape Of Kenya As Portrayed By Travel Guides. Kunkel, Susan L.
1991 Land Use Beyond The Berm: The Evolution Of The Disneyland Environs. Walsh, Daniel J.
1990 The El Segundo Sand Dune: A Case Study In Environmental Land-Use Controversy. Kantar, Derek A.
1988 Neighborhood Aging And Its Effects On School Enrollment Decline. Kreutz, Paul J.
1988 Relics In The Southern California Landscape. Nelson, Patricia W.
1988 Route 66: A Ghost Road Geography. Puzo, Rita A.
1988 The Bauer Thesis Examined: The Geography Of Heresy In The Early Christian Church. Robinson, Thomas A.
1988 The Pattern Of Hepatitis-A In Orange County, California. Vierheilig, Laurie M.
1987 The American Frontier Landscape In Tall Tales: 1800-1925. Brown, Jacqueline C.
1987 The Role Of Local Government In Minicity Development. Davis, James A.
1987 Hotels And The Evolution Of Orange County, California: The Landboom Period, 1870-1900. Lowe, Claudia C.
1985 Spatial Shape Analysis Of The Pleistocene Lake Manix Beach Gravel. Barajas, Cecilia
1985 Stages Of Neighborhood Development: The "Westside" Of The City Of San Bernardino (Evolution, California). Laclaire, Charles K.
1985 Color Deficient People's Capability In Reading Color Maps (Colorblind). Page, Lanai J.
1985 Impacts Of Cartomation: Cartography's Changing Role In Society. Wikle, Thomas A.
1984 Integration Of A Chinese Character Labeling System Into A Computer Mapping Program. Li, Mei-Yuan
1983 Wilderness: Experience, Definition, And Management. Bishop, Richard B.
1982 Impact Of Dana Point Harbor, California On Littoral Sediment Transport. Dempsey, Kevin
1982 Secret Mountain/Red Canyons Arizona: Resources And Management Alternatives. Lee, Christopher T.
1981 Salt Marsh Plant Communities Of Upper Newport Bay, California. Kunz, Kathleen S.
1981 Baja California: Impact Of Mexico Highway One. Talbot, Alan
1981 Mono Lake: Environmental Impact Of A Water Resource. Talbot, Alan
1980 Sierra Wall National Park. Ahlborn, William O.
1980 Trabuco District, Cleveland National Forest: Public And Private Land Use Conflicts. Charlton, Amelle A.
1980 An Analysis Of Seismic Effects Upon Man-Made Wood Frame Structures Relevant To Orange County Faults. Grant, James D.
1980 Mountains: A Phenomenological Consideration. Mussche, Julie K.
1980 A Conceptual Model Of Social Interactional Behavior. Shimamura, Donna K.
1980 The Designation Of Energy Impacted Areas As Required In The "Power Plant And Industrial Fuel Use Act Of 1978": A Legislative Analysis Of Issues Surrounding Area Delimitation. Shimer, Philip R.
1980 Automobile Space. Utterberg, Edith T.
1980 History And Growth Of Roads. Utterberg, Edith T.
1979 Skid Row And Redevelopment: A Case Of Social Apathy. Culaciati, Craig S.
1979 Spatial Efficiency Of Emergency Care Facilities For Myocardial Infarction Patients In Health Service Area 1012, Orange County, California. Dockter, Duwayne L.
1979 California Community Redevelopment Law: Process, Problems And Opportunities. Roluffs, Ronald E.
1977 An Analysis Of The Catholic Parish Structure As A Source Of Community. Barry, Patrick J.
1977 Claremont The Beautiful. Hainline, Ingrid L.
1977 Morphological Analysis Of Alpine Glacial Lake Basins, High Sierra, California. Lawson, Thomas W.
1977 A Sequent Occupance Of Stanislaus County, California. Russell, John L
1977 Impact Of Arctic Alaska Development On The Eskimos. Webster, Frank L.
1976 Putting Recreation Where The People Are: Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona. Highlen, Stephen J.
1976 The Russian Frontier: The Impact Of Borderlands Upon The Course Of Early Russian History. Wieczynski, Joseph L.
1976 An Historical Geography Of Fullerton, California, Through Incorporation In 1904. Young, Jann E.
1975 Geography In Our Schools: A Case Study Puerco Elementary School Sanders, Arizona. Highlen, Stephen J.
1975 Adolescent Perceptions Of Their Suburban Environment: Fountain Valley, California. Holder, Bill D.
1975 Dendroclimatology And Air Pollution In The San Bernardino Mountains Of Southern California. Lirette, Susan M.
1975 A Spatial Analysis Of Brothels In Nevada. Loomis, Donald E.
1975 A Survey Of Selected Existing Techniques Measuring Cartographic Accuracy In Quantitative Mapping. Loomis, Donald E.
1975 Locational And Morphological Analysis Of Cirque Basins, High Sierra California. Olyphant, Greg A.
1975 The Sunset-Bolsa Chica Area: An Analysis Of The Impact Of Urbanization Upon A Politically Fragmented Coastal Zone. Spring, John W.
1974 A Comparison Of Topographic Maps And Aerial Photographs As Sources Of Physical Geographic Measurements. Hagy, Joe E.
1974 An Analysis Of The Effects Of Plants On The Microtopography Of Semiarid Regions. Harris, Michael K.
1974 The Distribution And Demographic Character Of The Major Minorities In California, 1970. Hickok, Floyd C.
1974 The Urban Development Of Fountain Valley, California. Holder, Bill D.
1974 The Effects Of Wind Driven Rain On The Development Of Valley Asymmetry In A Badland Topography. Mathews, Thomas B.
1974 Drumlins - A Study Of Their Formative Process In Regards To Latitude. Schlenk, Nate
1974 A Comparative Morphologic Analysis Of Three Marine Terraces At Santa Cruz, Palos Verdes Hills, Oceanside-Leucadia, And San Diego- La Jolla, California. Shaw, Valerie L.
1973 The Use Of Standardized Zoning Data In Planning. Case Study: Orange County. Rosenthal, Joyce R.
1973 Three Historical-Geographical Approaches To The Development Of Water And Land In The Middle San Luis Rey Valley: A Comparative Study. Roth, Lane G.
1972 The Impact Of Pedestrian Mall Development On The Central Business Districts Of Pomona, Fresno And Riverside, California. Whyld, Stephen J.
1970 Hypothesis There Is A Geographical Relationship Between Soil Types, Landforms, And Agricultural Crops. White, Kenneth L.
1970 What Is Chaparral. White, Kenneth L.
1969 Radio Broadcasting: Its Geographical Distribution And Uses In National Development. Huning, James R.
1967 Geography In The Information Revolution. Joyce, Dorothy M.
N.A. A Case Analysis Of Combining Land Use Planning And Economics. Lucado, Pamel A.
N.A. Fiscal Impact Considerations For A Proposed Regional Shopping Center In The Santa Ana Canyon. Lucado, Pamel A.
N.A. The Decision To Migrate: A Case Study Of Foreign Students In Southern California. Merlin, Bracha
N.A. The Acorn Redevelopment Project Oakland, California. Slakey, Stephen L.
N.A. An Analysis Of Public Agency Compliance With Environmental Protection Legislation: Fullerton Transportation Legislation. Spencer, Christine H.
N.A. Development Of The Orange County Transit District Transfer Centers Program. Spencer, Christine H.